Selfridge ANG Base, Michigan

Summer Academy Applications Available

by 10am on April 10th!

Students at STARBASE One


STARBASE is a Department of Defense community outreach program that offers classrooms of fifth grade students an inspiring, five-day, 25-hour, hands-on curriculum that emphasizes the application of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Carefully designed curriculum that meets common core educational standards has made STARBASE a proud and proven leader in introducing STEM concepts for over 26 years. STARBASE provides participants with an inquiry-based curriculum that engages them in exciting hands-on, minds-on experiments and technological activities.

From the moment students step through the doors at STARBASE One, they find themselves immersed in an inspiring learning environment. STARBASE offers them opportunities to...

  • stand nose-to-nose with cutting edge aircraft
  • become "astronauts" and launch into space aboard a full-scale space shuttle nose simulator
  • create 3D models using CAD software
  • program robots that navigate a simulated Mars surface

...and much more.

Combined with its stimulating setting at Selfridge Air National Guard Base (near Mt. Clemens, Michigan), the exposure to positive role models, and the time-proven activities that present practical applications of science, technology, engineering, and math, children leave STARBASE with a renewed enthusiasm to learn and have a greater confidence in their abilities.


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