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Mr. M Soars to New Adentures!

It is with bittersweet giving that we announce the departure of Mark Muzzin, affectionately known as Mr. M to thousands of students. Mark came to STARBASE in late summer of 2005, just a few years removed from college and after finishing a brief teaching stint on the tropical island of Maui, Hawai’i.


Mark began his career at STARBASE as a program instructor, teaching our regular academy classes throughout the school year and summer. Over time, we saw much growth in Mark, and in 2010, he earned a promotion to deputy director. Since then, Mark has been instrumental in ushering in many positive changes at STARBASE. He developed and delivered our after-school outreach program (STARBASE 2.0), enhanced our advanced academy curriculum, created a teacher-training program at STARBASE for education majors enrolled at Oakland University, served as our spokesperson for community events, and was a guiding light for our staff through training and personal experience. He even "starred" alongside an R2 unit in a chromatography curriculum video.


We, as well as visiting teachers and students, will surely miss Mark. We are thankful for all he has contributed to STARBASE over the past 14 years, and we wish him the best as he soars to new adventures!

2019: A Year of Accomplishments


Well, and so it happens. Another year rushes past us. At STARBASE, time sure does fly (pun intended). We are happy to announce 2019 proved to be another very successful year! STARBASE hosted over 1,800 students between its school-year program, summer and advanced academies, and the all-girls academy. Probably to the chagrin of some, but indeed a testament to the educational opportunities we provide, our summer academies filled in record time. In just six minutes, we received enough applications to fill all 40 slots for the advanced academies. With that in mind, keep a lookout for our 2020 academy signup. We will post it to our website in April, so check back early spring for an exact date and time.


2019 also brought us our second Deaf and Hard of Hearing Academy. This academy uses the same curriculum from our standard academy but tailors it to specifically meet the needs of students from the deaf and hard of hearing community. If the demand is high enough, we intend to offer the program in the coming summer. To express interest or learn more, please email us.


Lights! Camera! Action! The advanced academy students took an opportunity to combine their science, technology, and math skills with a creative spin. Using Lego figures and Lego blocks for sets and props, students scripted stories and deployed iPads and laptops to shoot a short stop-motion video. They then edited the videos and incorporated “foley” (sound effects). The week culminated in a premiere of each video at the STARBASE, large-screen, theater, complete with popcorn, beverages, and fun for all!


At STARBASE, we like to change things, staying active and fresh. After two years of stop-motion animation for the advanced academy, 2020 will provide something new—so keep your eyes open for details. We plan to announce more in the early spring. Visit our Academies page for more information.


As we usher out 2019 with great success, we look forward to bringing in 2020 with even more exciting opportunities. The details are in the development stage, but we look forward to sharing them with you soon. The chance to expand our offerings is always a priority. As a non-profit, we can achieve these goals through corporate sponsorship and individual donations. If you would like to help now, please consider contributing.


Thank you for your interest and support of STARBASE. Happy and safe New Year to you! The staff of STARBASE is eager to serve our communities through more fun and inspiration in 2020!